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Allergies during pregnancy – how to deal with it

Allergies during pregnancy - how to deal with itAllergy during pregnancy phenomenon is not very pleasant. Women who suffer from this disease in life, very often do not want to have children because of this. However, this is not a hopeless case.

In modern medicine there are many medications that can alleviate the condition if you are allergic during pregnancy.

Specialists at the time of the research it was established that in a woman’s body during pregnancy produces a certain hormone that lowers allergic reaction. Thus, for most women, the Allergy disappears.

But we should not rejoice prematurely, because the Allergy is not only not disappear, but to escalate. To determine the behavior of Allergy during pregnancy need to be screened at the allergist before pregnancy. The doctor will determine how affect the expectant mother’s allergens, will give advice on nutrition and prescribe treatment. Continue reading