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Allergic to the sun. Symptoms. Reasons. Than to treat?

Allergic to the sun. Symptoms. Reasons. Than to treat?Summer is in full swing. Someone is happy and enjoying a beautiful tan, and someone with sadness and some envy looks on tanned people. Let’s talk today about the Allergy to the sun. I think this topic is very relevant to many. I never thought that I can deal with this problem. All the time sunbathed completely normal. For the first time with the problem you have encountered on holiday in Turkey. Went to relax with the whole family, as it was all wonderful. But a few days later I got up and I can’t understand anything. Wild itchy body, skin rash, small blisters, redness individual sections of the skin. But the worst thing was that any contact with water caused even more irritation. Pretty close to breakdown, and the treatment of depression — already a separate topic for conversation.

And it was especially hard to endure all of the pain of the skin. It was just a test. Had to go to the doctor. Called him for insurance. He has written me drugs, all bought in Turkish pharmacy, but the rest was ruined. The rest of the time had to stay in the shadows, no sea. This situation happened to me in the future, although I am very very carefully and always with the sun (in the shade) and always use sunscreen.

Then came wisdom. I began to prepare for the vacation trips in advance to take with you means everything is already out of the house. I want to share with you all. Perhaps, and this information will be useful. I read a lot about it. Do it always, when it comes to any problems. In this case, problems with the sun.

So, first let’s talk about the symptoms and causes of allergies in the sun. What they manifest?

Photodermatitis . The sun Allergy physicians called photodermatitis or photodermatosis. And this phenomenon is not rare. Statistics show that the illness affects 20% of people. Not such a small figure, agree? And how is it manifested?

Allergic to the sun. Symptoms.

Some people with special sensitivity to sunlight suffer at their first appearance. For those who are less sensitive, can in the sun to be longer, but the Allergy can overtake them. First symptoms may appear after 18-72 hours after exposure to the sun. What symptoms say about sun Allergy?

First there is a slight reddening of the skin, flaking skin. This usually occurs on the face and chest area, but can also be on arms, legs and any other parts of the body.

Possible rash on the skin or the appearance of small dots (they look like freckles). I had the rash, as in urticaria. And the doctor told me that this solar urticaria. Sometimes, this condition comes to eczema. And it is scary.

Can form swelling.

Severe itching and burning of the skin. It seems that the whole body just burns.

In some cases, appear purulent rash. Especially when not constrained by, well, force not just from this itching and burning, you start to comb it all and here you these symptoms then.

I personally was allergic to the sun when combined sunlight and pool. Apparently, something worked them, it is a combination of chlorine or any other disinfectant gave that reaction. Previously, when you visit the pool could be observed redness in the eyes. Nothing more. But it is the combination of the pool and sunlight provoked such an allergic reaction.

In our area such a reaction to the sun. But I do not rest so. After the sea in our waters can’t wash. When you vacation abroad during the beach season, many times already and had problems. Stay with spoiled. It is unambiguous. One thought — how to get rid of all symptoms. And, of course, it is very important to know what causes the Allergy?

Allergic to the sun. Reasons.

Sun Allergy can appear and on vacation in the woods, in a field, in hot countries, after swimming in the pool after long exposure to the sun. Someone is just little specks of pigment that appear loose and not attractive on anyone, and someone is more seriously all. Some people have white spots appear on the face, which also cause a lot of emotions.

Often allergies are common in children, including infants. Their immune system has not yet gained strength or after an illness.

Causes of skin reactions to the sun’s rays lie in the combination of external and internal factors.

The external causes can be attributed to those cosmetic products that we use. From perfume, therapeutic creams (from muscle pain, skin problems, from the same sunburn), use of certain medications that increase sensitivity to sunlight. It is, above all, antimicrobial drugs and diuretics. Of course, what matters is how much and how long we are under the sun.

Therefore, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions — if they indicated that funds have this side effect, as patternit, during treatment cannot spend time in the sun, use tanning beds, you need to cover your skin when going outside.

If you use cosmetics, look carefully, is not included in their composition salicylic and boric acid, essential oils, mercury drugs. Even lipstick, which includes eosin, may be detrimental to the overall situation.

Also cause allergies pollen can become overblown plants. Also this picture can give the combination of sun and the pool, which was mentioned in the article.

To internal reasons a sun Allergy include diseases of the liver, intestines, a disruption in the body’s immune system.

Any allergic provoking factors such as decreased immunity, lack of vitamins, hidden diseases, metabolic disorders in the body. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to their overall health.

In these cases a good idea to follow a diet, a course of cleansing the liver, so these reactions go on the decline.

Risk group of people, who are prone to such allergies to the sun:

Blondes and people with fair skin.

Small children.

Pregnant women.

Those people who love to visit the Solarium.

Who the day before had done cosmetic procedures such as permanent makeup, chemical peels.

The photosensitizers.

In addition, there are special substances — photosensitizers that might provoke such a reaction in the body. These include all citrus fruits. Therefore, oranges, tangerines, lemons do not include in your diet if you are going to the beach. One should know that the more active the sun, the reaction even on such simple products can be unpredictable. Let’s see whether the oil of bergamot or citrus oil in your makeup than you use daily. They can cause such allergies.

Notice must be given and the medicines that you take. Danger the following medications:



Tools that you take for healing and maintaining healthy—the vascular system.


The antidepressants.

Oral contraceptives with high estrogen content.

If you are going on vacation, ask your doctor before all the questions, talk with him, and not whether they provoke a sun Allergy.

Allergic to the sun. Prevention. Treatment.

Be very careful with the sun. 20 minutes in the sun — the optimum time.

Before going to the beach do not use decorative cosmetics and perfume.

Use sunscreen with a high protection.

Do not use cosmetic products that contain fragrances. They can cause pigmentary spots.

Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before sun exposed area. Often we swim, exit the water and then recall them. For photodermatitis this time is sufficient to prove themselves.

When you exit the water not wipe from dry. This will help not to overdry the skin, on the other hand — will remove water drops, which, like the lenses, enhance the effects of sunlight on the skin.

Relax in the shade, once bathed.

Contact your physician. You may need antihistamines. I am not a supporter of chemistry, but sometimes the body cannot cope himself. And it is best to start taking them two days before departure.

For those who have problems with the sun, it is best to sunbathe for 10 hours and after 17 hours. And to sunbathe under the tent or in the shade.

If you have severe allergies, wear clothes with long sleeve to close from the sun affected areas, pants. Be sure to use hats on the beach.

At the first symptoms of an Allergy it is necessary to take action. It is best to consult a doctor, if it’s your first time and there is nothing in your medicine Cabinet from trusted resources. Do not delay visit to the doctor. Allergies are a very tricky thing!

Treatment of Allergy to the sun in mild and moderate severity takes 7-10 days. In more severe cases, up to several weeks.

In addition to the drugs, which your doctor will prescribe, in severe itching may help the juice of cucumber, Kale leaves and raw potatoes. Cabbage leaves simply be added in pure form on the affected areas. From cucumber (skin removed, grate) press the weight, put it on gauze and apply on the affected areas. Keep the compress for half an hour. After that the skin is not washed. Cucumber film on skin to protect from sunlight. And cucumber juice you can then just wipe the face and body.

In addition, a solution of baking soda can help to relieve itching of the skin and herbal bath with chamomile, succession. In severe cases, the doctor prescribes hormonal ointments.

What foods you should include in your diet to avoid allergic reactions to the sun?

Include in the diet foods that are rich in vitamins C, b and E and antioxidants. Very useful all fresh fruits and berries. Blueberry, pomegranate, currant, cocoa, green tea and many others.

Drink plenty of pure water. This will help the body