Allergic nerves. How to deal with nervous Allergy?

Allergic nerves. How to deal with nervous Allergy?Allergic reaction is an inappropriate reaction of the organism to external stimuli caused by a malfunction of the immune system. The decline in immune status can occur for a number of reasons, including changes from the Central and autonomic nervous system, so now the doctors do not exclude the diagnosis of ” allergic to the nervous system.”

Nervous allergies more susceptible women, for anybody not a secret that ladies are more emotional and sensitive to negative life situations. In addition, you should take into account factors such as advanced age, presence of chronic diseases and genetic predisposition also contribute to the development of allergies. Not excluded, and prolonged, heavy feelings that can cause allergies, even a person with strong nerves.

People suffering from allergies in the nervous system often anxious and irritable, and have increased suspiciousness and suggestibility, weakened psyche, dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract and bladder, they are characterized by a jump in blood pressure.

Children also are at risk of allergies in the nervous system . especially those who find it difficult to cope with the pressures from school, experiencing difficulty in communicating with their peers and adaptation at school, conflicts with teachers etc.

To diagnose allergies in the nervous system is quite difficult, because almost half of the cases, when conducting skin tests to common allergens, a positive reaction only occurs during times of stress. It is proved that in a stressful situation significantly increases the amount of histamine in the blood, which is a consequence of allergic reaction, so currently along with conducting Allergy tests carried out blood tests on the content of histamine. And quite often, such a study shows that a high content of histamine reaction to antigens-antibodies is missing, what does not happen during normal allergies.

Nervous Allergy, symptoms.

How is manifested allergic nerves . The nervous symptoms of allergies are very different, but most often it skin rashes in the form of small spots, which may merge into a single unit. These rashes can appear on the face, inner arms, thighs, belly, armpits, and not excluded on the mucous membranes, including in the throat, similar to the symptoms of urticaria and characterized by itching. Allergy symptoms in the nervous system can manifest in the form of suffocation, nausea, uncontrollable watery eyes, excessive sweating. upset stomach, rash maroon spots on the body, heart palpitations, and tremor of the limbs. In some cases, even loss of consciousness. If you have allergies in the nervous system may receive only one symptom, but perhaps the appearance of multiple signs of emotional discomfort and distress.

Nervous Allergy, treatment.

Treatment of nervous Allergy is quite difficult, so there was no specific allergen that causes the allergic reaction. But, nevertheless, in half of cases test positive Allergy due to the significant increase of histamine in the blood. Therefore, as in the treatment of allergies to foods or substances, allergies nerves to be treated antihistamines to relieve clear nervous symptoms allergies . But in the case of the nervous allergies . welcome antihistamines only large effect does not not resolve stressful situations. that may happen at work. in the family. at school or kindergarten, if we are talking about the baby. To address these stressors should reconsider their attitude in the team, and at impossibility of establishing positive relationships, it is worth thinking about changing jobs, it is also necessary to establish their relationship in the family. if stressful situations arise at home. Along with antihistamine therapy prescribed and sedatives, as well as allergies in the nervous system using various techniques of relaxation (relaxing, without addressing stressful situations. which may happen in meditation. yoga. the head massage and others). aimed at reducing the impact of stress that are beneficial to the body, increases stressoustojchivosti, which further helps to avoid a new escalation of allergies.

In the treatment of nervous allergies are widely used medicinal herbs from allergies in the nervous system, which also has a tranquilizing effect. Valeriana officinalis. hops or motherwort will have not only a calming effect, allowing us to make a hyperexcitability of the Central and autonomic nervous system, but also restorative, gently acting on the endocrine glands. Moreover, the decoction of these herbs is recommended to alternate, taking no more than 1 month. For ease of use use the drugs, made by technology of croissanterie at low temperatures, having a significant advantage over the decoctions, infusions or extracts from medicinal herbs, only this innovative technology allows you to save all the therapeutic value of medicinal raw materials of plant origin, lost almost twice when processing herbs high temperature. Preparations of Valerian and Motherwort P. which also contains vitamin C that not only helps increase the body’s defenses, but also reduce the blood levels of the stress hormone – cortisol, which helps to significantly increase stress resistance, and hence reduce the risk of recurrence of allergies in the nervous system .

Useful fees herbs allergies in the nervous system on the basis of cyanosis blue. Cyanosis blue, has a calming effect higher than that of Valerian 10 times, but less deafening and depersonalizing effects of tranquilizers, addictive and even addiction. In addition, Valerian is a unique drug culture, whose medicinal properties are valued not only as medicinal crops that have a sedative and soothing effect, and antihistamine properties. Biologically active complex Nervo-Vit on the basis of cyanosis blue, in collaboration with Valeriana officinalis, motherwort and Nervo-Vit. to reduce the level of histamine in the blood if you are allergic nerves . will provide a quick at the expense of motherwort and lemon balm and a longer and lasting soothing effect, helps to restore sleep. Vitamin C. also included Nervo-Vit, improves the functioning of the immune system, improve stress resistance of the organism. At the first signs of an Allergy in the nervous system will assist the decoctions of medicinal herbs that can be brewed both to collect and to take separately. to restore sleep. Chamomile flowers. horsetail grass, calendula flowers. celandine, nettle leaves. viola tricolor, peppermint helps cleanse the blood and removal from the body of excess histamine. Grass allergies are taken in equal proportions (2 tablespoons) pour boiling water (0,5 l) and insist in a thermos for 1 night. To take this decoction in the course of the day. Each of medicinal plants or collecting can for nervous Allergy to take a long period, 2-3 months in a row. For time savings and ease of use use the herbal medicine Allergy Nettle and Calendula-P. manufactured in “Secrets of longevity” to prevent allergic reactions occurring not only in the nervous system.