Allergic to the cat appeared in the child — what are the main points to consider?

Allergic to the cat appeared in the child — what are the main points to consider?Allergic to furry pet in the house — a phenomenon in children is quite common. And often it manifests itself in the child, if the pet is a cat. Experts explain this by the fact that under the coat of a cat going to a lot of allergens and dander, skin cells, and saliva, and a variety of small parasites. So the contact with such a pet can be seriously hampered. And the main question in this case – what should be the treatment of allergies in children. What to choose: special tools, traditional methods or diet?

Causes and symptoms

To understand that the child has had allergic reaction of the character on the cat, not the food, it is necessary to correctly identify the symptoms of the problem.

Usually allergic to the cat appears quite abruptly, when a child is lead to the room where she is. Then the child starts to sneeze he lays the nose, begins the separation of transparent mucus (and they literally flowing river). Allergies in infants for the pet can be identified by beginning the tearing and other common symptoms.

In complex cases, the child may receive a wheeze, shortness of breath, dry cough. But it is worth considering that such symptoms may be a food Allergy. It looks similar and has most of the identical symptoms.

It may also be a manifestation of irritation on your pet in the form of dermatitis and other skin problems. All this looks rather typical – red skin on different parts of the body, itching, can sometimes be a little bleeding from wounds. To understand what this Allergy is quite simple – they cause severe discomfort and are not in the standard treatment.

In infants as skin problems may manifest atopic dermatitis. He looks quite standard – a lot of pictures on the Internet.

That should be considered when the following symptoms

The symptoms of allergies in infants and older children may not appear on the animal. So do not immediately try to get rid of it (of course, when they don’t talk about very severe cases, when a child is choking). The child is easy and can be a kind of reaction to a food, the filler for the pot or the dust from the litter pet.

Be sure to wash your animal with the use of special tools, which reduce the risk of Allergy. Maybe this is what you need. Then wash and peremoyte all items pet. Also feed and change the litter.

Of course, to treat allergies in children so as not to have to give up your pet, you need to keep clean at home – often to wash the floor, vacuuming, airing, to get rid of extra dust and irritants. What are the ways to treat Allergy in kids.

Manifestations of allergies in newborns have to Tinker. Because little is not a big part of antihistamines. In this case, there should be no self – only strict implementation of the recommendations of the doctor. Curing should be appointed and well balanced procedure, as well as observing the specified time.

For the child will have to buy special drugs – they are quite a lot today, and they are presented in different forms, dosages, etc. cream, ointment, drops, syrups and more. To give the drug needed only by agreeing to the instructions on the packaging or the recommendations of physicians. As a rule, give antihistamine once a day. But in the case of urgent need such a number can be easily increased.

Additionally, for the prevention of angioedema propose to give the-counter decongestants. Closely monitor the development of allergies in the newborn baby – babies, everything happens much faster and more intense. And assistance in severe forms require much faster. Allergy symptoms in the newborn very quickly develop into a critical situation.

In some cases, when an allergic course is accompanied by the appearance of such symptoms as fever, cough, rhinitis, etc. may require symptomatic treatment. In this case, to treat the child have specially selected drugs drops, syrups.

Treatment allergic skin problems

When the baby is observed cutaneous manifestations, you will need to take the ointment from allergies for children. Alternatively, you can use a special cream. This cream has a drying and anti-inflammatory effect. Usually the structure of such means includes zinc and various herbal extracts that help to quickly restore the skin to regenerate it as carefully as possible. This cream has a calming effect, whereby the crumbs decreasing discomfort and tightness of the skin, excessive dryness and severe itching. Such manifestations can be very painful, and soon you will be able to save the baby from them, the easier and more efficient to go with the treatment.

Most commonly observed symptoms of a skin Allergy in the newborn. Kids cream or ointment must be chosen carefully because it is allowed to use not all. Often used, not cream, and a special mash – doing this in skin clinics in certain proportions.

Also allowed and even considered to be quite effective treatment herbs – chamomile, celandine, succession. Brew them according to the instructions printed on the package with the tool. You can take a bath with grass, and you can make lotions and compresses point. After these procedures, it is recommended to use a special cream – so the process will go faster. Diet: how it helps

Treat Allergy can and using a special diet. Remember that diet is the perfect complement stage. Cream, ointment, antihistamine drugs, decongestants and symptomatic therapy would not be without it full.

Diet, which is usually used to relieve symptoms of allergic irritation — whether it is a food problem or caused by other pathogens, offers the following options.

For starters, you need to immediately abandon the use of potential allergens. Diet this plan is quite hard, because you will need to eliminate all the sweets, many berries and potentially dangerous fruits, like citrus.

Also subject to such a power system would have to abandon milk products (of course, at the time), carbohydrate too and red products. The presence of large amounts of sugar leads to additional fermentation in the gut, and increased Allergy symptoms.

Diet for allergies should be carried out strictly and accurately. It should be remembered that such a diet not too long, i.e. it does not have to sit for months. It only allows you to reduce symptoms and to remove the acute phase of the problem.

If to speak about those kids who are just born, then the diet is the prerogative of the mother. It is worth considering that everything that eats young woman, comes to your baby, so you should be very thoughtful approach to the design and selection of your diet.

Remember that for the treatment of allergies requires a comprehensive approach. This and regular house cleaning, and airing out, and proper care of things pet, and the administration of specific drugs, and, of course, diet.

As for getting rid of the animal, it is most often not needed. Indeed, scientists have shown that in homes where there are children with allergies and has remained a family pet, the kids get immunized from constant contact with the pet and Allergy they pass by itself.