What are the symptoms and how to avoid developing the disease?

What are the symptoms and how to avoid developing the disease?Start cleaning with tears in his eyes? It’s not laziness, and dust. Allergy to house dust is a common problem. According to the world Health Organization suffers from dust almost 40% of the world population. It causes allergies, asthma and various respiratory diseases.

What is house dust?

Strictly speaking, substances such as dust, does not exist. What we call dust – a mixture of a variety of microscopic particles. It may contain tiny flakes of human epithelium, pet dander, food particles, pollen, textile fibers from linen and clothing, droppings of rodents and insects, the spores of mold and yeast fungi, bacteria and even living beings – microscopic dust mites saprophytes.

Their size is about 100 to 300 microns. Saprophytes feed on dead flakes of human skin. And since man of the year “resets” about 2 kg of such particles in our apartments mites live just fine. Best tongs I feel in mattresses, pillows and bed linen.

On a normal double beds fed about 300 million of these insects. The mattress, which was used by more than three years, 10% consists of dead and live mites and waste their life. However, they are found not only in the bedroom. The dust – their own home, and 1 gram of dust from every corner of the apartment not less than 300 pieces. The products of life activity according to studies, the main cause of allergies to dust and asthma.

About 80% of asthmatics are sensitive to dust mites. The worst that conventional vacuum cleaners are practically powerless against them. Primitive mechanical filters retain larger particles of dust, but microscopic mites can easily pass through and scatter them all over the apartment. That is why after cleaning with a vacuum cleaner people who are allergic to dust, it gets even worse.

However, those 20% that are tolerant to mites, are still suffering from dust. Dust particles damage the walls of the alveoli, impairing the immune barrier. It opens the way to infection and allergens.

Symptoms of Allergy to dust

Dust Allergy is manifested in different ways, however, all of her symptoms well marked and extremely unpleasant.

Perhaps Allergy symptoms to dust is known to almost everyone. The most common symptom of allergic rhinitis, which used to be called “hay fever”. This is not a particularly serious disease, but it can badly spoil the life. Sneezing, clear nasal discharge, itching and a burning sensation in the nose and throat, headache, watery – all symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

He begins with light tickling in his nose, and develops into a continuous painful sneezing. Over time allergic rhinitis may develop into asthma. It can cause almost any allergen – dander, mold, and even some foods. But the main culprit is the same – dust.

Upon contact with the allergen, the reaction can be instantaneous. But it is sometimes slow. This reaction usually manifests itself in constant contact with the allergen. You can get into a dusty closet and not feel any discomfort. And after a few hours already suffer from rhinitis, not knowing what caused it.


Another common symptom of an Allergy to dust – conjunctivitis. 15% of the total population has ever encountered this problem. This state of proteins is characterized by redness, a burning sensation and itching in the eyes. The eyelids swell and redden, and his eyes constantly watering.

In some cases suffers the vision – objects look “blurry”. Especially hard conjunctivitis outlive those who wear contact lenses. In the worst case of conjunctivitis can end with severe lesions of the cornea.

Rhinitis and conjunctivitis – an extremely unpleasant disease that significantly impairs the health and quality of life. However, the most dangerous bronchial asthma. Allergic asthma is the most common form of. She suffers every 12 citizen of Russia. And, as the doctors, patients are becoming more and more.

Once the allergen enters the respiratory tract, the immune system begins a war with alien. The respiratory muscles are drastically reduced. And the Airways become inflamed and filled with mucus. Attack of allergic asthma begins with a painful dry cough. Breathing becomes rapid, difficult and “whistling”. There is shortness of breath and a feeling of heaviness in the chest. Often the attack is accompanied by panic.

Asthma is very dangerous, especially for young children. In the most severe cases can even be fatal. Alas, very often mistaken for asthma bronchitis and prescribed an ineffective treatment.

What to do if you are allergic to dust?

If all of these symptom be heaviest at night or in the morning, and outside the house virtually disappear, therefore, the cause of sickness is found in house dust. The allergist can prescribe medication. But it will not give effect, if not to fight the root cause of the infection – household dust.

But to cope with it very difficult. Ordinary vacuum cleaners, as has been said, do not bring significant benefit – they only visually make the house cleaner, cleaning visible dust. But their filters are not able to hold allergens.

Even the bag becomes a hotbed of allergens – the number of saprophytes harmful fungi and spores in it just rolls. To combat allergic to dust daily wet cleaning, ideally with the help of a good vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter, designed specifically to combat the allergens.

This is especially important if the house has lots of textiles – curtains, carpets, furniture with fabric upholstery, soft toys. If possible, it is better to replace fabric curtains to blinds, textile upholstery – leather, and feather pillows and blankets – synthetic.

It is useful also to acquire a special hypoallergenic covers on all bedding. Pillows and mattresses should be replaced every few years. Linens need to be washed every 3-4 days, and curtains – 1 time per week.

Make life easier and air purifiers with HEPA filters. Remember that in dry air the dust can hang out for hours without collapsing. Because of air conditioning and Central heating system the climate in our homes is not much different from the climate of the Sahara. So will need a humidifier.

Allergy is very insidious. This is not a congenital disease, it can occur at any age. A change of lifestyle, stress, illness weakens the immune system and can cause that a person who had never suffered “hay fever”, will become the allergic. If the Allergy is already ruining your life, you need to see a doctor, only he can make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the proper treatment. Everything you can do on your own – to try to make your home truly clean and maintain the health of yourself and your family.

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