Allergic to work — how to fight it?

Allergic to work — how to fight it?Good day to all who came to visit me!

Allergic to work! Yes, dear ladies, to cause an Allergy attack can not only chocolate, bouquet of lilies, fluffy kitten, but even an unpleasant person and work!

Impressionable nature is dangerous not only to contact with the allergen, but to see it in a magazine or on TV.

Classic case: the girl who is afraid of mice, there is an asthma attack every time she sees a picture of a mouse in a book or watching a cartoon with Mickey mouse

Allergic to work

Never noticed: chief excoriated or you greatly alarmed — and then get out of breath, seething in the belly, you sneeze or body is covered with stressful spots, which instantly begin to itch? But you should calm down — all the strange symptoms disappear by themselves.

There is nothing surprising here! Experts have proved that: the person’s psychological state and his physical well-being are closely linked. When you are excited or wronged, the nervous system is working at maximum capacity, which increases the risk of many ailments and problem areas of the body .

Diseases with psychological subtext of a lot. But most often, doctors are faced with the so-called false allergies — in our case, allergic to work.

The allergen itself is missing, but the body, in situations of psychological discomfort, begins to mimic an allergic reaction (rashes, asthma, etc.). Traditional Allergy pills here are powerless, because the roots of the problems are hidden deep in the subconscious.

Allergic to work — how to be?

If you are irritated by a colleague. then try to contact with him . In addition, don’t break yourself, being engaged in unloved business, if you do not want to earn a health problem.

Learn to relieve psychological stress accumulation. Take, for example, this method:

Front of chest connect the tips of the fingers of the right and left hands. Great to thumb, index to index, etc. In this hands should not touch.

Cover your eyes, breath deep, think about something pleasant. Imagine yourself on the shore of a lake or sea, where I dream to go on vacation, or in a new coat you want to buy.

The adrenaline back to normal — and you calm down.

Feel just about ready to fall apart? Start to count to ten. Yes not only think, but to imagine visually each digit. What color, size, disappears in the clouds or dissolves in the air? This technique allows you to take your emotions under control.

If talking with an unpleasant person cannot be avoided, when meeting with him, cross your arms and legs. Place your hands on the table, connecting in pairs in the large ring and index fingers, and the rest, placing one over the other. This will create around you a kind of psychological protection. Other tips to protect themselves from enemies .

Instead of the response to negative switch your attention to another point, quite concrete action. Fix your hair, pull out something from her purse, undo or do up the zipper on the purse.

It is important to comprehend their action: «I need to get a laptop», «I go to the website of the company», «I liked this model of trousers». This will help to relieve stress, and you gradually “you’ve cooled off”. And if you want to get rid of the Blues, then follow the tips on how to cheer yourself up .