Sun Allergy: how to deal with solar dermatitis

Sun Allergy: how to deal with solar dermatitisThe sun also can cause allergies. Rash, itching, a ban on sunbathing is only a small piece of how solar dermatitis can spoil all the pleasant feel of summer. How to deal with allergies in the sun, read our material.

Solar dermatitis or an Allergy to the sun appears due to skin exposure to sunlight. Of course, by themselves the sun’s rays can cause allergies, such a skin reaction suggests that the body is something wrong. Cause solar dermatitis may be incorrect metabolism, decreased immunity, lack of vitamins. Furthermore, the reaction of the skin to ultraviolet light can affect cosmetics, household chemicals, which were used to going outside or what ever You too long dwelt in the sun and now Your skin is immediately responds. By the way, cause solar dermatitis may become excessive in the Solarium. So be vigilant.

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Summer sun like everything, it gives a pleasant warmth, a nice tan and a good mood. But unfortunately, some people instead of pleasure, there is a side effect: allergic to sunlight. How to treat this disease – read below. Causes of the appearance of the Sun has great benefits on the body, supplying it with vitamin D, which affects its proper development and nervous system. Its deficiency causes a prolonged depression and may cause a bad skin condition.

The main signs of sun Allergy is an itchy rash. Most often it appears in the neck, behind the knees, between the Breasts and on my stomach. Itching naturally enhanced in the sun.


The most important rule when solar dermatitis is to use tools with SPF. If You have ever been allergic to the sun, use sunscreen constantly in summer season.

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If not to prevent solar dermatitis, assuming its continued manifestation, it can become chronic. And to treat it each time will be harder.

To the body it was easier to adapt to the sun, drink 2 liters of water a day on Sunny days. Doctors say that enough moisture enhances the protective functions of the organism in question allergies.


Solar dermatitis, like any other Allergy occurs when the liver cannot cope with the load. At the beginning of the Sunny season for individually most appropriate special complexes for liver support, it will help the body to prevent the emergence of an Allergy to the sun.

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If You are not a supporter of multivitamin complexes, separately for individually most appropriate courses of vitamin a, B, C, D, E, F.

The use of alcohol in combination with the hot sun can cause solar dermatitis. If You are resting on the sea and want to enjoy a cocktail (or a few cocktails), are not in this day in the open sun. Prefer to stay in the shade. Can not worry, You will be sunbathing and under an umbrella, providing a quality vacation.

If sun Allergy does occur, however mild, as a rule, it eliminates ointments which include prednisone. In the case of solar dermatitis best not to use oils and other natural remedies. This could further exacerbate the problem.

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If You feel severe itching, ointment will help with allergies. Their selection is wide and You can consult the pharmacy.Of course, if sun Allergy has already occurred, contact with the sun until, until it passes, you need to limit.

During the progress of the development of Allergy, in spite of preventive measures and first aid, be sure to consult your doctor.